Welcome Center Catch me posting writing before this bc I erased the old one BY angelbirdo
Sept 22, 2020 12:54:58 GMT

Discover Arkadia and introduce yourself!

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Welcome Wagon
Bulletin Board NEWSLETTER: SEPTEMBER 2020 BY Sélène
Sept 1, 2020 4:50:58 GMT

Important information, announcements, forum highlights, and system updates.

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Help Desk & Suggestion Box
Affiliation station Affiliation and Advertisement [Requests and Guidelines] BY NES
Jul 18, 2020 22:13:07 GMT

Want to affiliate with us and post advertisements for your site? Post your links and buttons here!

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RP Recruitment & OOC Fantasy rp BY mrxenomorph
Sept 22, 2020 23:13:42 GMT

Got a great idea for a story and searching for writers? Post an advertisement on the ole' bulletin board!

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Roleplayers' Connection, Request Threads
Freestyle f•a•t•e•l•e•s•s [closed||1x1] BY VÉRITÉ
Aug 30, 2020 0:12:09 GMT

Freeform low word-count roleplays.

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Fanbased THE DARKEST NIGHT BY underfell
Apr 29, 2020 20:07:11 GMT

Roleplays based on video games, TV, movies, graphic novels, or anime!

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Fantasy Fair Trade Continues (1x1, Closed) BY aileen
Sept 18, 2020 19:59:41 GMT

Dragons, and magic, and cthuthlu? Oh my! Roleplays with fantastical elements and supernatural beings.

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Realistic & Historical I wouldn't start here[IC] [Open] BY taiotoshi
Aug 31, 2020 4:09:18 GMT

Roleplays in a believable, modern or historical setting with real, every day people.

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Science Fiction Gifts from the Sky: Downfall BY mage
Aug 27, 2020 2:49:03 GMT

Beam me up, Scotty! Roleplays based in science and exploring the future.

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Characters & Lore Louie Blackmore BY blackmore
Sept 13, 2020 8:32:26 GMT

Post your Characters and learn about the world of Arkadia: Factions.

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Citadel Radio, Character Profiles & Storylines, Lore Database
Arkadia Hall to the Gateway [The Academy, Open Meeting, Repeatable] BY Tris
Sept 26, 2020 17:43:08 GMT

A site sponsored open-world roleplay by our Arkadians.

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Factions OOC
The Arena [L3M] (Devon) Blood vs Bone (Devon Grimshaw vs Alex Carver) BY Devon
Sept 20, 2020 17:40:44 GMT

The Arena of Citadel City opens its gates once again, will you answer the call for glory?

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Arena General, Arena Ranked
The Factions Carmesi Cartel Bounty Board BY Red, the Crimson
Jul 31, 2020 23:53:13 GMT

The Factions of Citadel City.

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The Academy, The Carmesi Cartel, The Weeping Sisters

Arkadia University A miniature treatise on roleplay: Generalists & Specialists BY silentstrider
Aug 9, 2020 6:15:36 GMT

Writing Tips and Roleplay How-to Guides

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Solo Works Sylent Stories BY Sylent
Sept 25, 2020 21:15:07 GMT

Non-collaborative stories you’d like to share: Works in progress, completed works, this space is for you!

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Prompt Corner, Feedback Cafe
The Workshop Conq's Crazy Workshop BY conq
Sept 12, 2020 21:39:17 GMT

Testing Templates and forum formatting.

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Community Lounge King/Queen of Arkadia: Who can post last?!? BY Sylent
Sept 21, 2020 22:34:10 GMT

The lounge is a place for forum games, general discussions, and anything else that doesn't quite fit in our boutique sub-forums.

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Contest and Events
Film & TV [Review] The Social Dilemma BY torrence
Sept 13, 2020 20:04:48 GMT

Come on in and join a discussion about your favorite film or TV series!

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Art Studio the Plaza [info and guidelines] BY Orca
Aug 18, 2020 4:14:10 GMT

A place to post your artistic works, set up shop and design sets for members, or chat about art and artists.

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Art shop row
Literature Books of Mind, Body, and Soul BY LexiZone
Sept 13, 2020 18:21:26 GMT

Talk about your favorite book or author, join our book club, or gush about your favorite literary character.

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Music Cafe EARWORM: That's my jam! BY havoc.
Aug 17, 2020 18:40:23 GMT

Let's talk about anything and everything music. A musician yourself? Post your work and let us fan girl about it!

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Games REVIEW: Skyrim BY Sylent
Sept 10, 2020 18:29:44 GMT

Gamers rise up!

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